Monday, July 23, 2012


Two weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to revert back to vegetarianism. I was a vegetarian for over six years and, frankly, just got lazy, and then rediscovered that I like to eat meat. However, as I've been eating meat for the past several years, I have not been blissfully unaware of the consequences of my actions. I knew that, unless my meat was purchased from a trustworthy, local farmer who was committed to organic and humane farming, my meat-eating supported a dirty, scary business that is environmentally hazardous.

So, when I announced to Ian, "I'm going to stop eating meat tomorrow," as we were getting into bed, he nodded his head.

"Okay. I'll become a vegetarian too." (I mean really, what a guy.) "Why do you want to stop eating meat?" he asked.

I thought about it. "It's really fifty-fifty, between the inhumane ways animals are raised and then killed, and the terrible environmental impact of the meat industry."

"So really, you are thinking vegan," he said.

"I guess? But I'm just not ready. I like ice cream and yogurt too much."

That was fine, we committed to stop eating meat together.

 - - - 

Last night, as I was cooking dinner, I downloaded several podcasts from Vegan-Vegetarian Solutions for a Sustainable Environment. We listened to them as I sauteed our eggplant and tomatoes, and attempted to fry quinoa cakes (this is difficult to do, by the by), as we ate dinner, and as we sat in bed before falling asleep.

By the end of the third podcast (a really interesting and informative interview with Richard Schwartz), we knew we had to make the switch.

 - - -

So here you find a new blog. We are transitioning into a plant-based diet together, and will write about our experiences, research, and food as we explore together.

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